Rags, riches

Another week, another printing of Identity Crisis #1. This time around, they’ve spared buyers the ugly Michael Turner Boo-hooperman cover, opting instead to go with someone who can draw hands and feet.

Rags Morales does the honors, and it’s right in the spirit of the title. “We shall shatter your Silver Age icons and drench them in blood! Bloooooooooood!” (I think the splatter is completely over the top, but I think the series is defined by its excesses, so there you go.)

Happily, all involved make it through the press release without trying to pass off IC as some Spider-Girl-ish underdog. Actually, Bob Wayne, DC’s VP of Sales and Marketing, has never played that card, for which I’m eternally grateful.

In other solicitation news, Marvel’s January blurbs sound a bit less like they’ve been written by a meth addict.

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