Spring fever

April 1, 2005

Will we bet getting started any time soon?

Hang on. I need to put fabric softener in with the towels.

Oh, well, so long as it’s something really important…

Ooh, look! The butterfly weed has germinated! And the morning glories!

Super. Listen, if you want to get a blog entry up before work…

It’s so nice out. This is the only time of year I actually like going to Lowe’s. And we’re out of bird seed, too.

And you can stop at the bookstore and pick up some manga. You know…. Comics?

I knew I wanted to go there for some reason.

Yeah? What?

Ruth Reichl has a new collection of essays out. I should pick that up.

Are they about comics?

No, food. She’s the editor of Gourmet. And she used to be the food critic for the New York Times.

That’s not all you’re going to get, surely?

Of course not.

God, thank you. Priorities.

I need to pre-order the next Harry Potter, too.

That’s just… that’s sad, man.

Oh, be quiet. They’re fun. Hey, are you going to eat this leftover Chinese food?

Nice non sequitur.

It wasn’t as good as usual. Last night on Good Eats, Alton Brown was talking about something called wok hey, “the taste of the wok.” I’m guessing this batch lacked wok hey.

Can you focus for a minute, please?

Look at the dogs. The bunny must have gotten into the yard last night. They’re all CSI with the sniffing around.

Because there must be something you have to say about comics, right?

Aw, the puppy wants to play Frisbee!

The puppy always wants to play Frisbee.

He’s getting really good at it! He almost always catches it before it lands.

You could do a wrap-up of Countdown reviews.

Ian Brill already did. It’s really good, too.

What about the Rising Stars of Manga thing?

Too bummed that Can I Sit Here? didn’t win first place or people’s choice. Y’know…

If it isn’t about comics, you can just –

I thought this whole thermal carafe thing was kind of silly, but the coffee really does taste better.


Have you seen my note pad? I need to jot some stuff down.

About comics?

No, I need to make some notes for the rewrite of that press release on the wine course while I’m thinking of it.

I don’t even know you.

Did I feed the cats?