April 9, 2005

I just don’t feel like thinking about comics today. It’s too pretty out, and I had too much fun out in the yard. So, without further ado, here are Ten Things Dave Likes About Gardening:

  1. I would rather spend three hours sweating in the hot sun than five minutes at the gym.
  2. Strange and unexpected things happen. Volunteer plants show up from seeds that self-sowed last year. Flowers hybridize.
  3. It’s the only purpose that makes a trip to Lowe’s tolerable.
  4. It gives me an excuse to buy more books and magazines about gardening.
  5. The dogs always feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, even though they usually just sit under a tree and watch us. I’m not going to contradict them, though.
  6. More plants in the yard equal more birds. More birds in the yard equal kitties sitting at windows trying to look menacing. Kitties (ours, at least) trying to look menacing equal hilarity.
  7. It gives me a chance to become better acquainted with neighbor dogs out for walks. Once I was planting bulbs and Sarah from down the street, who looks like a German shepherd shrunk to the size of a Chihuahua, climbed into my lap. I think dogs instinctively like people better when we’re sweaty and dirty.
  8. It helps me shed the winter chunk, which is always at its peak right around now.
  9. Conversely, working in the yard for a long time always makes us feel justified in having something really junky for dinner.
  10. It’s an essentially optimistic act, and those are always nice.