Too much information

April 10, 2005

A meme found at The Low Road. Must… resist… Can’t… resist…

TEN random things about me:

  1. I was once one of the best young clarinettists in Ohio. Too bad I hated playing the damned thing.
  2. I acted a lot in college, particularly in musicals. That made no sense, as I really can’t sing very well.
  3. My first car was one of those Ford Pintos that blew up in a rear-end collision. I can’t remember if my family ever took it in for the recall work.
  4. I’m the youngest of seven children.
  5. I used to be terrified of dogs, mostly because I had a paper route and there were some territorial little beasts in my neighborhood.
  6. My first major in college was secondary education, in spite of the fact that I thought high school was miserable and couldn’t wait to be done with it. I changed my major after my very first classroom observation freshman year.
  7. I’m actually an award-winning journalist, though the award came from one of the worst newspaper conglomerates in North America.
  8. I make a damned fine molten chocolate cake, and it’s a really easy recipe.
  9. I absolutely hate it when people are rude to waiters, cashiers, and bank tellers.
  10. I sometimes wonder if I should be alarmed that my chest hair keeps coming in, decades after puberty.

NINE places I’ve visited:

  1. New Orleans. Love it.
  2. London, while my sister lived there.
  3. Paris, during the visit to London, carrying a stroller up and down the subway escalators.
  4. The Grand Canyon.
  5. Zion National Park, one of my favorite places on earth.
  6. Las Vegas, which is the right kind of tacky, for my money.
  7. Orlando, which is the wrong kind of tacky, for my money.
  8. Key West, where they just don’t give a damn, bless them.
  9. Chicago, though not for a comics convention, thankfully.

EIGHT things I want to achieve in life:

  1. To help my pets live as long and happy a life as possible.
  2. To publish a series of smutty, gay romance novels under an assumed name.
  3. To figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
  4. To reconcile my need for financial security with my lack of ambition.
  5. To soften my judgemental streak a bit.
  6. To take an intensive culinary course somewhere cool, like Tuscany.
  7. To expand my musical horizons.
  8. To develop better goal-setting skills.

SEVEN ways to win my heart:

  1. Tell me I’m funny.
  2. Get stupid over your pets.
  3. Make me laugh.
  4. Know where to get really good Thai food.
  5. Have an opinion on which recording of Follies is better.
  6. Like walking.
  7. Confess to your underlying misanthropy.

SIX things I believe:

  1. Pre-packed peanut butter sandwiches are a sign of the end times.
  2. Hummers (the cars) are ridiculous.
  3. Commercials in movie theatres are an appalling intrusion.
  4. People are generally annoying.
  5. West Virginia should be more walkable.
  6. When you’re on vacation, you should do something you wouldn’t normally do every day.

FIVE things I’m afraid of:

  1. Heights.
  2. The Bush administration.
  3. Driving in Massachusetts.
  4. Knives.
  5. Popular teens.

FOUR of my favorite things:

  1. Dogs.
  2. Cats.
  3. Travel.
  4. Books.

THREE things I do every day:

  1. Take care of my pets.
  2. Watch TV.
  3. Tell my partner I love him.

TWO things I’m not trying to do right now:

  1. Get too annoyed by work.
  2. Eat everything I see.

ONE person I want to see right now:

  1. My nephew. The cool one.