Getting off cheap

April 12, 2005

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking about the week in comics.

Seven issues in to an eight-issue series, it would be a little odd to say, “If you haven’t been reading Adam Strange, pick it up!” Unless of course your shop has copies of the previous six issues, which seems pretty unlikely. Otherwise, repent by picking up the trade (should one ever be solicited).

Gotham Central 30 seems to be cribbing even more shamelessly from Silence of the Lambs than they did last time, but since every Flash villain is now a deeply disturbed psychopath instead of a clever, profit-driven gimmick villain, why shouldn’t Dr. Alchemy be allowed to go all “quid pro quo“? Do you hear the lambs, Renee?

If you were misguided enough to pass on Marvel’s She-Hulk during its run as a monthly, you can atone for that by picking up the second collection, Superhuman Law. And if lots of you buy it, it will only help cement the monthly’s return down the road. Don’t make me resort to pleading puppy faces. It’s not pretty.

And that’s looking like it. Whee! Solvency!