Sizes and spines

April 16, 2005

Shawn Fumo at Worlds Within Worlds finds a discussion of bookstores that shelve CMX and Marvel digests with the rest of the DC and Marvel books instead of with the manga.

I’ve noticed this with the Marvel titles at some bookstores, and it’s too bad. I think titles like Runaways and Inhumans might click with manga readers. (I also wonder if titles like Livewires and Spellbinders will get the digest-sized treatment.)

I haven’t seen CMX books mixed in with the DC trades, though I’ve noticed something else. Very often, the CMX books will all be shelved with the manga under “CMX” as opposed to alphabetically by title. So Land of the Blindfolded and From Eroica With Love and whatever else will be clumped together in the Cs as opposed to with their appropriate alphabetical neighbors.

Part of that has to track back to the uninspired trade dress of the CMX books, particularly on the spines. There’s a huge CMX logo, so bland that it looks like it was created with Microsoft Word, and much smaller and equally boring title typeset lower on the spine. Basically it looks like a book called CMX that runs its chapter titles on the spine, so it isn’t too much of a surprise that bookstore employees clump it.

Just more evidence (in my opinion) that DC hasn’t done nearly enough to brand its CMX titles.