April 18, 2005

JennyN, one of the intrepid posters over at the Flipped Forum, has found an interesting scholarly piece on yaoi manga. Author Sueen Noh interviews a group of devoted yaoi fans and explores their perspectives on the work and why it speaks to them. Noh also provides some useful insights on the genre and its origins and yaoi’s rather gauzy take on same-sex romance.

Reading it helped me understand some of the reasons I’m a bit ambivalent about yaoi titles. While I’ve always been aware of the fact that I’m not the target audience for these stories, Noh’s piece went farther in articulating why that is and what some of the genre’s underlying intents are.

But ambivalence doesn’t keep me from being curious about yaoi, and I’m looking forward to some of Digital Manga’s upcoming releases.

Weekend update

April 18, 2005

Another weekend, another big block of time spent thinking about things other than comics. (Actually, I did plunk down with several volumes of Negima! for this week’s column, which should go up at Comic World News sometime today.)

The highlight of the weekend was an early anniversary gift from the hubby: behold, the splendor of Birdzebo! That’s not the exact model, and we actually mounted ours on a post, partly because we can’t resist a project that requires the mixing of cement. Birdzebo isn’t quite as popular yet as the one it replaced, but the birds in our neighborhood are fairly shameless, so I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time.

Maybe it’s the insidious influence of Andy Runton’s Owly, but my gardening efforts this year seem to have shifted entirely in the direction of encouraging birds and other wildlife into the yard. (Not deer, mind you. Those hooved vermin don’t need any additional encouragement.) Part of the weekend was spent prepping the bed that’s going to host nothing but plants hummingbirds love. (I’m too lazy to maintain a hummingbird feeder, but I will spend hours dragging bags of compost across the yard. Go figure.)

Now I want to read manga about bird-watching. I don’t know if such a title exists, but one should. It would be a logical sequel to Imadoki!