Don’t you hate when that happens?

April 19, 2005

So the white smoke went up, and now I’ve got a Meryn Cadell song stuck in my head.

“The pope, pope, pope, pope, pope.
we all here to see the pope, pope, pope, pope, pope.
Well, you got your pope pennants, buttons, your pope clothes,
You got your pope binoculars to see him up close
and I cried when I saw that man in white.
I cried, much to my surrounders’ delight.
I cried, ’cause I couldn’t breathe anymore; I cried
’cause people were stepping on my feet.
Hey, hey Mr. Holiness way over there,
Maybe we love you, but we’re sadly lacking air.”

I don’t even know if I have that cassette any more. This is going to make me crazy.

Support your local retailer

April 19, 2005

Before getting to this week’s arrivals, I wanted to point to something Dorian posted at Postmodern Barney:

“The size of this week’s comics shipments, combined with the Free Comic Book Day books, not to mention the unfortunately close to the end of tax season timing in the United States, means it’s very likely that your local comic shop could experience a cash crunch this week. Buying an extra trade, or back issue, or sampling a comic you don’t normally buy isn’t much, but every little bit helps.”

The shipping list does seem particularly voluminous this week, so there are plenty of opportunities to expand horizons with an extra title. I’m still trying to catch up on Maison Ikkoku and a bunch of other manga titles, so that’s probably where my bonus buys will go.

As for tomorrow, some favorites are on the way, like Marvel’s Runaways 3, Livewires 3, and Young Avengers 3. (Way to drop all the teen titles in a slurry, by the way.) DC has JLA Classified 6, Manhunter 9, and Birds of Prey 81. I loved the Free Comic Book Day preview of PS238 from last year, and I’ve been meaning to catch up on the trades. The 11th issue of that series comes from Dork Storm.

Oni brings out the second issue of Andi Watson’s Little Star. The re-release of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Little Star OGN makes its delayed arrival, too. And I’ve heard good things about Sharknife. Hm… maybe I won’t need to bulk up on extra manga after all.

But, hey, if you can’t make it through the week without bringing home some manga, you could stop by Love Manga, where David Taylor has handily extracted all of the week’s offerings for your convenience.