Tuesday linkblogging

April 26, 2005

Ed Cunard has posted some of the truly awesome dalmatian sketches he’s collected over the years. Ed also claims that he’s not much of a shopper, which may or may not be true. But he’s undeniably a highly skilled bad influence. Every time I look at my stack of purchases, I hear Ed’s voice urging, “You should get that.” He’s like the Bad Idea Bears from Avenue Q, though I grudgingly admit his advice usually turns out pretty well.

Thanks to whoever nominated me for a Squiddy Award.

This week’s Flipped went up yesterday. Yes, I’m still picking at the CMX scab.

Looking at this week’s list of comics is kind of dispiriting until I make my way down to the manga and see new volumes of Case Closed and Whistle! from Viz and Sgt. Frog from Tokyopop. And the shopkeep assured me up in Pittsburgh that Oni’s Sharknife is nestled safely in my file. (It isn’t like I’m starving for reading material to begin with, now that I think about it.)

(Edited for spelling crimes against spotted dogs.)