November 9, 2005

Okay, so the giving-up-on-Big-Two-singles thing kind of loses its momentum in a week when there weren’t many singles I collected to begin with. I’ll keep the spirit alive when I head up to Pittsburgh this weekend.

Still, the week isn’t a total loss. Oni has the second issue of Ted Naifeh’s Polly and the Pirates. (I liked the first issue a lot.) Del Rey releases the third volume of Genshiken. This surprisingly subdued (and slightly surreal) look at otaku culture is still working for me, particularly the insanely detailed illustrations.

I might have to make a note of the titles on Publishers Weekly‘s Best Comics of 2005. (The site offers a free 30-day trial for anyone who’s curious.) The list includes some of my favorites (The Rabbi’s Cat, Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, and We3), so the remainder should make a good starting point for browsing. King from Fantagraphics looks particularly promising.

And if all else fails, I can just keep re-reading Sexy Voice and Robo (Viz).