Monday linkblogging

There was a flurry of mighty fine blogging over at Love Manga over the weekend. (Well, there’s always mighty fine blogging there, but you know what I mean.) David Taylor provides an astonishingly thorough look at Viz’s stranglehold on the Bookscan graphic novel chart. He also issues a challenge in the comments:

“Taking the last weeks releases from Tokyopop, what do you all recommend or feel could compete against Viz.”

Well, Fruits Basket Vol. 12, certainly.

Further on down, he provides analysis of and reaction to Liza Coppola’s lengthy interview at ICv2. In the comments, Adam Arnold makes good points about the challenges of shelving graphic novels.

Last but not least, the Advent Competition continues. Today’s offering is a personal favorite, the glorious Sexy Voice and Robo.

Speaking of holiday initiatives from bloggers named David, the Second Annual CBLDF Fund Drive continues at Yet Another Comics Blog. This is a great, generous effort on the part of Dave Carter.

Johanna Draper Carlson has moved her blogging efforts from Cognitive Dissonance onto her main site, Comics Worth Reading. (I like the color scheme.) Update your bookmarks and pop on over.

And, since it’s Monday, another installment of Flipped should pop up at Comics World News. (I’m liking the reorganization of the front page.) Today’s topic is Fanfare/Ponent Mon, how much I love Kinderbook and The Walking Man, and how I wish their product was a little easier to find.

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