Romance, DID, and two-fisted Canadians

February 14, 2006

After a couple of weeks of horrifying quantities of books showing up in my reserve file, this Wednesday seems relatively sedate. I’m not complaining, because there’s still plenty to enjoy.

I ♥ Marvel: Marvel AI features stories by C.B. Cebulski (the brains behind the developing Jetlag anthology) and art by Tomoko Tanigiuchi, Kei Kobayashi, and Toga. Here’s a preview at The Pulse.

Fully a month after it showed up in bookstores, the sixth and penultimate volume of Satomi Ikezawa’s Othello (Del Rey) arrives at my local comic shop. I’ve really enjoyed this book and its unusual approach to standard shôjo crises, but seven volumes seems just the right length.

It’s not on this week’s shipping list, but my LCS seems to think that the second volume of Scott Chantler’s very entertaining Northwest Passage (Oni) will arrive on Wednesday. If so, yay! It’s a historical adventure with lots of action, detail, and beautiful art. (Here’s what I thought of the first chapter.)