Aptly named

April 13, 2006

The PC version of Oblivion, that is. After fiddling with the video card (more specifically, after my partner replaced it entirely), I can now lose countless hours of my life to nerdish, RPG joy.

I’m sure I’ll regret it sooner or later and start over from scratch, but I’ve opted for one of those delightful lizard people for purely aesthetic reasons. I decided to go with what the game suggested, so I’m now the frumpiest lizard assassin in all of Tamriel. I have no idea how such an eyesore of a character manages to sneak around so effectively, but mine is not to reason why. Mine is but to hide in shadows and fire arrows into the backs of bandits’ heads from a very great distance.

I’ve never much gone for sneaky characters before. I generally always hate the portions of RPGs that require stealth or coordination or similar qualities (none of which I possess in real life), preferring instead to blow enormous holes in things with a variety of startlingly available spells and enchantments. (People are so careless with their scrolls, rings, and staffs, don’t you find?) And obviously, I reserve the right to revert to those old behaviors in the future, but what could it hurt to branch out a bit? It’s not like I’m getting graded for it, or anything.

But I do predict I’ll be wasting an unseemly amount of time with this game.