A day late

April 18, 2006

This week’s installment of Flipped is up. This time around, I talked with Alexis Siegel, who has provided translations for books such as The Rabbi’s Cat for Pantheon and Deogratias, Vampire Loves, and Klezmer for :01 Books. Chances are, if you’ve read something by Joann Sfar in English, Siegel had a hand in it.

March Manga Sales

April 18, 2006

If you were fearing complete David Taylor withdrawal, not to worry. The genial Mr. Taylor has decided to keep doing his monthly manga sales analyses, and I’m more than happy to host them here (though I lack his mad table formatting skillz). So, here’s David’s look at the numbers for March:

Just a bizarre observation but I assume it is the people at Comic Book Resources that compile the Top 50 chart rather than Diamond’s, because this is the third time in a row that both Spawn Manga and Bleach have been missed from the charts. I can understand Spawn but Bleach is a little odd to miss really, especially considering it is lining up to be the next Naruto in terms of sales.

Here you go, my thoughts on the March 2006 Figures:

Position Title Publisher Estimate
01(02) Fruits Basket vol.13 Tokyopop 6164
02(05) Naruto vol.09 Viz Media 5019
03(06) Samurai Executioner vol.09 Dark Horse 4844
04(15) Fullmetal Alchemist vol.06 Viz Media 3811
05(19) Kingdom Hearts vol.03 Tokyopop 3546
06(21) Negima! vol.09 Del Rey 3490
07(22) Battle Royale vol.15 Tokyopop 3448
08(25) Rurouni Kenshin vol.24 Viz Media 3190
09(37) Kare Kano vol.19 Tokyopop 2457
10(42) Dears vol.06 Tokyopop 2331
11(46) Lady Snowblood vol.03 Dark Horse 2276
12(51) Death Note vol.04 Viz Media 2164
–(57) Spawn Manga Image 2010
14(60) Chrono Crusade vol.07 ADV Manga 1892
15(65) Tenjho Tenge vol.06 DC/CMX 1633
16(67) Suikoden III Vol.09 Tokyopop 1606
17(68) Chibi Vampire vol.01 Tokyopop 1599
18(70) Rurouni Kenshin vol.25 Viz Media 1550
19(72) Last Fantasy vol.01 Tokyopop 1536
20(73) Psychic Academy vol.11 Tokyopop 1536
21(77) Our Everlasting vol.02 DMP 1515
22(78) Read Or Die vol.01 Viz Media 1508
23(79) Our Kindgom vol.02 DMP 1501
24(80) Yellow vol.03 DMP 1494
25(81) My Only King DMP 1494
26(82) Girls Bravo vol.03 Tokyopop 1487
27(85) Full Metal Panic vol.09 ADV Manga 1438
–(88) Bleach vol.12 Viz Media 1438
28(90) Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden vol.03 Viz Media 1424
29(92) I Luv Halloween vol.02 Tokyopop 1403
30(94) Warcraft vol.02 Tokyopop 1340
31(95) RG Veda vol.05 Tokyopop 1326
32(97) Abandoned vol.01 Tokyopop 1319
33(99) Yubisaki Milk Tea vol.01 Tokyopop 1305
34 Battle Club vol.01 Tokyopop
35 I’s vol.06 Viz Media
36 Eureka Seven vol.01 Bandai
37 X Kai vol.01 Tokyopop
38 Sweet Revolution DMP
39 Life vol.01 Tokyopop
40 Tsukuyomi Moon Phase vol.02 Viz Media
41 Descendants Of Darkness vol.10 Viz Media
42 Black Cat vol.01 Viz Media
43 Ai Yori Aoshi vol.12 Tokyopop
44 Only The Ring Finger Knows Novel DMP
45 Sakura Taisen vol.03 Tokyopop
46 Category Freaks vol.2 Dr Master
47 Anne Freaks vol.01 ADV Manga
48 Samurai Champloo vol.02 Tokyopop
49 Naruto vol.01 Viz Media
50 Shout Out Loud vol.01 Tokyopop

This month bucks the recent trend in a couple of ways. Firstly we get 10 Manga Publishers (this is assuming we can get away with Image and its Spawn Manga adaptation [are we allowed to use that word?!?]) even if most of them only have a few titles present with Tokyopop hogging 23 all to itself. The second noticeable trend is that with Tokyopop leading the way this month it can only mean a relatively bad month for Viz Media with just 12 titles. Capitalising on this though is a fantastic month for Digital Manga Publishing with 6 yaoi titles including 4 in the top100 chart. There is the Only the Ring Finger Knows novel, a couple of debut titles and, more importantly, 2nd and 3rd volumes. Whilst they don’t have a consistent presence in the chart each month, preferring a flood approach every so often, when they do release they consistently make the charts (Decembers figures show DMP again with 6 titles).

All of this though has to take a back step when put next to the fact that this is the best month manga has had in the Top 100 GN chart since July last year and they didn’t even get the number 1 slot, something to do with a movie I guess. 35 titles make the cut and there are certainly some interesting things in the mix.

Dark Horse has a Kazuo Koike month as Samurai Executioner, Lady Snowblood and the new and improved Crying Freeman all place well in the Top 100 GN. CMX’s de rigueur title in Tenjho Tenge keeps increasing with volume 6 still holding its own though nothing has yet beat the controversial first volume. ADV Manga shows that when they do release volumes they’ve got what it takes as 2 out of 3 make the Top 100.

For Viz Media my first thought was how well Death Note was doing with volume 04 well outpacing all its predecessors which hopefully proves that good word of mouth on this title is actually working. Read or Die and Black Cat both get their debut this month though interestingly ROD places much higher in the Diamond chart whereas Black Cat has done considerably better in the booksellers chart. (Black Cat debuted at #8 in the BookScan charts and hovered around for several weeks, whereas ROD never made the top 10.)

Tokyopop though has some excellent news for their original manga as I Luv Halloween, Warcraft and the new Abandoned all make the Top 100 GN chart, albeit right at the end. The latest installment of Fruits Basket gets the highest placing but is held from the top spot in the Top 100 GN chart by V for Vendetta, though the positions have been reversed in the BookScan chart for the last couple of weeks. The other benchmark title for TP at the moment, Kingdom Hearts, also places well.

It is a good month for Manga in the Diamonds chart which also sees the start of another new publisher in Bandai with Eureka Seven.