Canada, California, and other places

April 19, 2006

Remember that delightful Batgirl meme that ran for a while earlier this year? It came to mind when I saw this piece of art that’s being auctioned off to support the Doug Wright Awards. (The auction ends April 27, and the bids had passed $400 the last time I looked.)


Brigid at MangaBlog has picked up one of the regular features at Love Manga, the weekly rundown of what’s new in manga in your local comics shop.

She’s also done a sterling job following the California library controversy in a number of posts.


I can’t say I’m too crazy about the new format at I think I’ll peruse Chris Butcher’s version instead.

The highlight for the week (if it actually arrives at the shop) will be The Japanese Drawing Room from Boychild Productions. (I’m crazy for Victorian travelogues.)

I’m looking forward to Jeremy Tinder’s Cry Yourself to Sleep from Top Shelf. Jog offers his thoughts on it here.

I’ve read the second volume of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster (Viz Signature) and found it to be a lot stronger than the first. As Jog puts it, “More suspense! More characters! Less sap than last time!” He goes into greater detail here.