Time warps

May 16, 2006

First, a quick apology. I neglected to mention in yesterday’s Flipped that some of the comments on Monster (Viz – Signature) were based on a preview copy provided by the publisher. So, sorry for neglecting the disclosure and making anyone wonder if they’d missed the third volume that doesn’t come out until late June.

Now, back to comics of the present.

I’m a big fan of My Faith in Frankie (DC – Vertigo), in no small part because of Sonny Liew’s art. So applying his talents to one of my favorite genres, the revisionist fairy tale, is a sure way to get me to pick up a book. Slave Labor Graphics offers the first issue of Wonderland from Liew and writer Tommy Kovac.

Now, this is strange. Copies of the great big collection of Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting (Fantagraphics) will arrive in comic shops before they reach Amazon. That’s what I get for being cheap. Well, I also get an extra $10 of discretionary income, so there’s that.

As Brigid noted, the seventh volume of Fullmetal Alchemist owns the latest BookScan chart and didn’t do too shabbily on the USA Today list. It arrives in comic shops Wednesday, and it’s almost certain to be awesome unless something really unexpected happens. (Brigid also thoughtfully sifts through the shipping list for this week’s manga goodies.)