Mely at Scoffing at Gravity gives a wonderfully thorough and insightful report on her visit to the Shojo Manga: Girl Power! show at the Pratt Institute.


Digital Manga and Borders are hosting an autograph session with Izumi (Enchanter) Kawachi at the Block and Orange Borders in Orange, CA, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, July 1.


Viz has announced its plans for this weekend’s Anime Expo in Anaheim July 1-4. Digital Manga’s schedule is here. FUNimation, Del Rey, and Tokyopop will be sponsoring CLAMP’s first visit to the United States. Most importantly, Pata has run down some of the programming highlights at Irresponsible Pictures.

The Los Angeles Times has a preview piece that notes, “Though it’s called Anime Expo, the driving force behind the projected growth at this year’s convention is not Japanese animation, but manga.”


The march towards omnimedia dominance continues as Viz movies into live-action movies and Tokyopop cracks the downloadable music business.

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