Monday linkblogging

July 10, 2006

Kevin Melrose of Blog@Newsarama points to the best Manga 101 article ever. It’s written by Brigid Alverson of MangaBlog fame, so it’s no surprise that the piece is excellent. She hits all of the highlights in an entertaining, well-organized fashion, and she gets some great quotes from her wide variety of sources. My favorite is from a young fan on her personal ethics for fan fiction:

“When a manga is really, really good I’ll refuse to write or read fan fiction on it, because I’m afraid it will ruin it, but ’Naruto’ is not very good.”

It’s wonderful work by Brigid, who manages to cover a lot of territory thoroughly and engagingly.


Just in time for the fourth volume to come out in comics shops, Greg McElhatton reviews the wonderful Antique Bakery over at iComics.


And in this week’s Flipped, I take a moment to talk about some of my favorite shôjo heroines. And yes, some of them are clumsy, boy-crazy schoolgirls.