Some things old, some things new

July 12, 2006

I’m generally not a big fan of post-apocalypse fiction, but I found a lot to like in the preview of Wasteland that Oni sent my way. Antony Johnston has done some creative world-building, and Chris Mitten is proving to be a very talented and versatile illustrator. I really liked his work on Past Lies as well.

(If dystopian adventure isn’t your thing either, Oni gives you another chance to get a copy of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s really splendid Lost at Sea. And yes, I will mention this book every time it’s solicited, and probably on several occasions when it isn’t, because it’s just that good.)

The first issue of Mouse Guard (Archaia Studios) goes into its third printing, and it’s kind of thrilling that a really excellent, unusual book can attract this much attention. Never underestimate the appeal of mice in capes with swords.

It’s a big week for Digital Manga. The final volume of the lovely Antique Bakery arrives, which is almost certain to leave me smiling wistfully and wanting a piece of cake. No one would ever put Café Kichijouji De at the same level, but it’s slight, silly fun. Have you ever wondered about the secret origin of Cup Noodle? Wonder no more thanks to the latest installment of the Project X series. Only the Ring Finger Knows was easily one of the best shônen-ai titles to come out of DMP, so I’m curious about the novels that tie into the series. And since I’m a complete sucker for works by You Higuri, you could say that I’m not indifferent to the arrival of Gorgeous Carat Galaxy. Pace yourself, DMP, I beg you.

I was really taken with the Free Comic Book Day offering from Drawn & Quarterly, but I wish it had come out before Get a Life was solicited so I could have pre-ordered a copy. Ah, well. That’s what Amazon is for.

Tokyopop’s offerings for the week seem to be missing from the New Releases List, but two eagerly-awaited OGM titles are due to drop in bookstores this week: Mail Order Ninja and Fool’s Gold. David Taylor is particularly excited about the latter, which is always a good sign. There are threads on The Engine for each title.

(Edited to correct the spelling of Mr. Johnston’s first name.)