A cheap shot I couldn’t resist

July 26, 2006

My favorite typo from the latest edition of Publishers Weekly Comics Week is in the article, “Manga, NPR and Direct Market Crossovers.”

It’s in one of the later paragraphs, and it’s minor, but it’s just so snark-able:

“Even more unusual is what Liang calls direct market crossovers— usually superhero titles—that sell in bookstores in far greater number than anyone expected. Liang says books like House of Men and X-Men: Apocalypse are selling extremely well in the bookstore market.”

What is this intriguing new Marvel book, House of Men? Has Marvel reconsidered its policy of not making gay characters leads in its mainstream books? Or, after Joe Quesada’s remarks on women creators, has Marvel just revised “House of Ideas” to reflect current staffing?

What? I warned you it was cheap.

Stealth Wednesday

July 26, 2006

Clearly I just wasn’t paying attention when I was looking at the list of this week’s releases, because I thought this was going to be a slow (and relatively inexpensive) Wednesday. Then David Taylor sifted through the list for the manga, and I realize that I shouldn’t have splurged on that mocha frappuccino this morning.

A new volume of Fruits Basket (Tokyopop) is always welcome, because who doesn’t need a little emotionally wrenching manga in their lives?

Shout Out Loud (Blu) has yet to traffic in the yaoi tropes that make me feel dirty and ill-used, so I’m looking forward to the second volume. (I hope this isn’t some kind of variant of Mely’s Law and that the book will now be filled with non-con and other unpleasantness.)

David shows Air Gear as the only Del Rey release, but my local comic shop seems to think we’re due for a new volume of Genshiken as well. Hooray!

I feel completely foolish for not noticing the new Castle Waiting collection (Fantagraphics) when I went through Previews months ago, but I’m going to be in a city with a really excellent comic shop next week, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll have a copy.