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There’s movement among noted Bleach fans, and I’ve updated the sidebar to reflect it.

Greg McElhatton has started a new site, Read About Comics, which imports a ton of his reviews from iComics. I like the new site’s layout a lot.

John Jakala, creator of the late, great Grotesque Anatomy (still one of the best blog names ever) and contributor at The Low Road, has started another blog, Sporadic Sequential. I believe the appropriate sentiment for this situation is, “Yay!”

I don’t see any indication that Robin Brenner is a Bleach fan, but there are a lot of graphic novels out there, and Brenner does a great job covering the ones that are good reads for teens and kids at the No Flying, No Tights family of sites.

2 Responses to Sidebar notes

  1. John Jakala says:

    Wow, two mentions (and accompanying links) in one day! I’m honored!

    And I agree about Greg’s new site: It’s got a great, clean design; and the more I explore it, the more I like it. (It also makes me want to abandon Blogger so I can get some of those cool WordPress features, but I’m cheap and lazy, so I’ll end up staying with Blogger.)

  2. David Welsh says:

    I hear you on the “cheap and lazy.” Part of me covets all those cool WordPress features, but then I’d have to think up categories and remember to tag things, and then I’d feel like I was neglecting one and post something even more superfluous than usual and…

    Well, you see where I’m coming from.

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