“Yet another quirky detective”

September 5, 2006

Since I spent most of Monday sitting in front of the television watching TNT’s marathon of The Closer, I was interested to hear this piece on NPR’s Morning Edition. It’s all about the growth of original drama on basic cable, though it touches on stuff about branding and niche marketing that I think apply equally well to comics publishing. (I had no idea FX had used MySpace to promote Nip/Tuck, but the whole premise of the show makes me kind of squeamish. Too many scalpels.)

As for The Closer, I think the whole cast is terrific. I’m sure Kyra Sedgwick’s accent makes citizens of Georgia gnash their teeth, but I love her portrayal. And J.K. Simmons is always a welcome addition to any cast.

People want to give you things

September 5, 2006

Books, information, even money.

Comic Book Galaxy is giving away books from Tokyopop’s Pop Fiction line. Details are at Alan David Doane’s blog.

At Love Manga, David Taylor interviewed A. Neculai, DramaQueen EIC, about the new RUSH anthology. Brigid tracks reaction to the project over at MangaBlog. And one of the contributors to RUSH, Tina Anderson, provides a handy “Bara for Dummies” piece over at her blog, looking at the evolution of one type of gay manga.

If anyone decides to go with her notion of starting up a line of licensed bara, maybe they could use the $1,000 Queer Press Grant offered by Prism Comics as seed money. (I’m sure everyone who’s ever worked with manga licenses burst into laughter at the prospect of $1,000 being anywhere near enough seed money to do anything.)

Alas, there was no new installment of Fenton and Fenton, Boy Detectives over the weekend, but Metrokitty has a delightful webcomic up about her trip to Switzerland. (It reminds me of the best reason to watch the Travel Channel, Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown.)

And there’s a new Flipped up today, where I come to realize that MangaCast’s Jarred is a very reliable source of recommendations.