“Yet another quirky detective”

Since I spent most of Monday sitting in front of the television watching TNT’s marathon of The Closer, I was interested to hear this piece on NPR’s Morning Edition. It’s all about the growth of original drama on basic cable, though it touches on stuff about branding and niche marketing that I think apply equally well to comics publishing. (I had no idea FX had used MySpace to promote Nip/Tuck, but the whole premise of the show makes me kind of squeamish. Too many scalpels.)

As for The Closer, I think the whole cast is terrific. I’m sure Kyra Sedgwick’s accent makes citizens of Georgia gnash their teeth, but I love her portrayal. And J.K. Simmons is always a welcome addition to any cast.

One Response to “Yet another quirky detective”

  1. Lyle says:

    I think FX used MySpace to promote It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which you did watch, right?) and there was some contest that involved adding My Name is Earl’s MySpace page to your friend list.

    I just keep thinking how they should make it easy to plug-in ads and clips from the show to their MySpace page — that just seems like an easy way to foster WOM marketing, by offering tools that allow fans to push the show without having to think of 500 words analysing the show’s greatness… just “check this out”

    As for Nip/Tuck, I was initially interested (especially since it comes from Popular creator Ryan Murphy) but shied away from the series when I ran into reviews noting how gory the show tends to be.

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