Here, there, everywhere

September 7, 2006

What, new comics arrive a day later than usual, so everyone dumps good stuff at once? Thanks, publishers.

Boom! Studios has the third issue of the Hero Squared Ongoing. Dorian takes a look at the issue at Postmodern Barney.

Dark Horse rolls out the second volume of Junji Ito’s Tomie in the Museum of Terror series. This is good, creepy fun. It’s more episodic than Ito’s Uzumaki, but it’s got a great antagonist (protagonist?) in its title character.

Del Rey has the second volume of ES: Eternal Sabbath. It’s received the thumbs-up from both MangaCast and the Newsarama gang. As if the antics of a murderous, psychic junior high student weren’t enticement enough?

Good grief, how long has it been since Digital Manga released the third volume of IWGP? Ages, if memory serves, but the fourth shows up today. While I only vaguely remember what was happening, this arrival is a nice excuse to reread the earlier volumes.

Go! Comi offers fourth volumes of three of its inaugural series: Cantarella (Borgias!), Crossroad (orphans!), and Tenshi Ja Nai (no angels!).

Vertical has the third volume of the paperback version of their beautiful treatment of Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha, which is conveniently where I left off with the hardbacks because I’m cheap.

Over at Viz, Hot Gimmick concludes. (Take it away, Mely.) Fullmetal Alchemist hits volume nine. And the fifteenth volume of Bleach shows up just in time for the debut of the anime on Cartoon Network. (I might have to take advantage of that Borders sale John Jakala mentioned to catch up with Bleach, because it really is a lot of fun.)

If you’re contemplating future purchases, Jog has a fine review of Joann Sfar’s Klezmer (First Second), and Lyle of Crocodile Caucus makes Beauty Pop (Viz – Shojo Beat) sound difficult for me to resist.