Drama unfolds…

September 9, 2006

Can you stand any more Tokyopop sales talk? Just a little, I promise.

At MangaBlog, Brigid uncovers a Tokyopop title that’s going to be a Diamond exclusive.

At Crocodile Caucus, Lyle wonders why Tokyopop gets labeled as flooding the market while Viz doesn’t, even though both release a similar volume of product. In the comments, Dorian wonders if that isn’t a function of timing.

At Sporadic Sequential, John Jakala wonders if Tokyopop’s initiative might not be a golden opportunity… for someone else.

Part of this week’s comics shop haul was Tokyopop’s Kamen Tantei, a teen sleuth comedy that’s got a nice premise but thoroughly average execution so far. It came with one of the glossy quarter-folds inserted.

On one side of the flyer is a promotion of some of the on-line exclusives (Atomic King Daidogan 1, Neck and Neck 6, and One 10). “And best of all, we will shop the books directly to your home – so no need to leave your computer chair!”

The flip side features titles that aren’t on-line exclusives but a priced at a 20% discount if you order them directly from the publisher. The books are Innocent W 1, Rozen Maiden 1 and 2, Star Trek – The Manga, and Mitsukazu Mihara: R.I.P. Requiem in Phonybrian.