In the months to come…

September 14, 2006

It’s time for another trawl through the latest Previews catalog for debuting titles.


  • Shoujoai Ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko by Kelli Nicely, $15.95. A yuri tale of a pop star who goes back to high school as part of a television reality show.


  • Airshell by Lia Fiengo, $12.95.
  • Honor of the Damned by Nevin Arnold and J. Bascal Monares, $14.95.

Antarctic Press:

  • How Not to Draw Manga, $14.95.

Broccoli International USA Inc.:

  • Yoko Koto Kiku by Koge-Donbo, $9.99.

Carroll & Graf:

  • Mammoth Book of Best New Manga edited by Ilya, $13.95. I missed this one on the first pass through the catalog. The solicitation promises 512 pages of global manga from a mix of newcomers and established artists like Andi Watson, “home-grown stories that speak directly to western audiences.”

Dark Horse:

  • Red String by Gina Briggs, $12.95. Hm. A collection of a shôjo-influenced web comic. From Dark Horse. I’ll just be heading to the shelter now. (Okay, they did used to publish lighthearted web-to-print hit Megatokyo, so it’s not that surprising. Still, “Dark Horse” and “shôjo” are not easily typed in rapid succession, for some reason.)

Del Rey:

  • Train Man by Machiko Ocha, $10.99. Del Rey’s version of the story arrives.

Digital Manga Publishing:

  • Hero-Heel by Makoto Tateno, $12.95. Another manga by the creator of DMP’s very popular Yellow.
  • J-Boy by Biblios, $16.95. 400 pages of short-form yaoi from the anthology Junk!Boy.
  • Kissing by Shoko Takaku, $12.95.
  • Princess-Princess by Mikiyo Tsuda, $12.95.

Fanfare/Ponent Mon:

  • Awabi by Kan Takahama, $19.99. My pick of the month, hands down. F/PM also offers a new printing of Takahama’s exquisite Kinderbook.

Ice Kunion:

  • Legend by SooJung Woo and Kara, $10.95.
  • Moonboy by Lee Young-You, $10.95.


  • Almost Highly Classified by JTK, $17.99
  • Let’s Be Perverts by Yoojung Lee, $9.99.


  • Blank by Pop Mhan, $9.99.
  • Kamiyadori by Kei Sanbe, $9.99.
  • Nosatsu Junkie by Ryoko Fukuyama, $9.99.
  • Little Queen by Yeon-Joo Kim, $9.99.
  • Someday’s Dreamers: Spellbound by Norie Yamada, $9.99.
  • Soul Rescue by Aya Kanno, $9.99.
  • Utopia’s Avenger by Se-Kwon Oh, $9.99.


  • O-Parts Hunter by Seishi Kishimoto, $9.99.

Yaoi Press:

  • Surge by Kyle Green and Studio Kosaru, $12.95.

If I missed anything, leave a comment or drop me a line, and I’ll update.