September 19, 2006

Oh, Marvel. When I said I wished you’d take lessons from manga publishers, I didn’t mean for you to adopt nipple phobia. (Images at the link might not be work safe.)

ICv2 has some interesting manga-related content today. Yaoi Press is putting the YA in yaoi, launching a line for the 13-and-over crowd. (Honestly, DMP and Blu already publish a bunch of titles that would suit early teens, or at least what grown-ups think they can handle, but I think this is the first time anyone’s specifically tried to market a line towards them.) And Viz responds to questions about edits in a recent volume of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Comic Book Resources has posted sales figures in the Direct Market for August. Would I be spoiling the surprise if I told you that Naruto topped the manga chart? Update: David Taylor crunches the numbers over at Love Manga.

Lyle loves Yakitate!! Japan. Pass it on.

John Jakala has some issues with Dark Horse’s scheduling problems.

Speaking of Dark Horse, there’s still no sign of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Serivce in this week’s comics, even though it was due out in August. While I’m sure Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man has its charms (and is Dark Horse’s first manhwa release), I will not be appeased by the fact that they did release a book with “delivery” in its title.

In happier new arrival news, Seven Seas delivers the first volume of Boogiepop Dual. Fanfare/Ponent Mon, while still leaving me wondering where my copy of The Building Opposite is, does offer Mariko Parade by Kan Takahama and Frédéric Boilet.

Update #2: The MangaCasters offer their picks of the week.