Thursday linkblogging

September 21, 2006

You probably aren’t hearing about this for the first time here, but you really should go take a look at Queenie (The Dreaming) Chan’s thoughts on different potential delivery vehicles for comics. (Found via MangaBlog.) There’s also some no-nonsense chat on the potential for anthologies, especially in niche categories, over at MangaCast.

Tina Anderson piques my interest in When Worlds Collide (Iris Print) by describing it as what would happen “if Antarctic Press, Oni Press, and Avatar got together, and sponsored a BL comic trimmed to manga size.”

There’s a thread over at Anime On DVD that asks if guys should translate yaoi. The consensus seems to be that anyone who will approach the material with respect, do diligent research, and try to capture the spirit of the original is a good choice for the job, though someone with all of those qualities and a thorough grounding in the category would be ideal. And Bill Flanagan stops by to offer his perspective. (Found via When Fangirls Attack.)

John Jakala has heard back from Dark Horse on the release schedule of Oh My Goddess!

I agree with Heidi MacDonald. Back-to-print announcements generally aren’t very exciting to me when they’re about 52 or Civil War, but it’s great to hear news like this about a book like Action Philosophers.

Over at the Print magazine site, there’s an early review of Tom Spurgeon’s Comics as Art: We Told You So (Fantagraphics). Speaking of which, folks at The Engine are responding to the lawsuit Harlan Ellison has filed against Fantagraphics.

At Newsarama, Gail Simone offers an update on the Hernandez family’s progress since the devastating fire that destroyed their home and rounds up the varied efforts to help out.