Wee hours linkblogging

September 23, 2006

Pata weighs in on the delivery system issue, focusing on the reading experience and user convenience issues:

“(In regular Engrish: If I try to fit the whole page onscreen, I can’t read the text. If I want to read the text, I can’t fit the whole page onscreen. GAR. )”

Can’t argue with that.

And speaking of reading comics on your computer, MangaCast finds a couple of on-line previews from CMX: Kaoru Mori’s Emma and Wataru Watanabe’s Densha Otoko. (The latter shouldn’t be confused with Hidenori Hara’s Train Man: Densha Otoko from Viz or Machiko Ocha’s Train Man from Del Rey.) I think it’s awfully nifty of the MangaCasters to start assembling these previews in a tagged, easily browsed category.

And I like the re-design of Del Rey’s manga site. It’s more visually interesting and the organization is somewhat clearer, with a prominently displayed “Series” button right up on the top.