Thursday manga linkblogging

October 5, 2006

Conspiracy theorists rejoice! Calvin Reid drops by Love Manga to offer some details on the PWCW Comics Bestseller List. Just to clarify, I don’t think the list is inaccurate. I just think it would be more meaningful if I had some sense of how it was assembled. Over at Comics Worth Reading, commenter Ali T. Kokmen notes that the level of available background is just about equivalent to every other bestseller list out there, and elaborates further in an e-mail to Dirk Deppey.


Pata’s quest for lists got me wondering: what’s already lurking among the manga reading lists at Amazon?

And roughly 2,070 more.


A Kentucky library is grooming the next generation of graphic novelists. (Thanks, Rose.)


John Jakala notes that Viz isn’t taking any chances on reaping the potential bump from the debut of the Bleach anime.


MangaNEXT isn’t until this weekend, but the Frankfurt Book Fair is underway, and the event’s web site has coverage of its manga conference. Lots of interesting nuggets of information about manga around the world (is it the rising tide that lifts all ships?), and this wrap-up paragraph:

“While Chuck Rozanski opined that ‘anything that’s not superheroes in America is a hard sell,’ the Europeans reported an increase in locally-created manga in their markets, illustrating Chigusa Ogino’s remark that, in today’s manga world, ‘you don’t have to have a Japanese passport to do manga.’”

A hard sell? Really?