Love manhwa

October 7, 2006

David Taylor at Love Manga wants to introduce you to the wonderful world of manhwa. He’s sponsoring a Manhwa Competition, and all you have to do is tell him why you want the titles that are up for grabs from publishers like DramaQueen, Ice Kunion, and NETCOMICS.


October 7, 2006

The hubbub in Marshall, MO, over Fun Home and Blankets made me think it was time to talk a walk down memory lane of other controversies that have flared up over graphic novels in libraries.

  • High-school columnist objects to inclusion of “written garbage” like Mew Mew in school libraries in Maine. (Link)
  • Shonen Jump pulled from Scholastic Book Fairs because “who knows what ‘teen’ means?” (Link)
  • Florida parent shocked at content of Peach Girl. (Link)
  • California library removes Paul Gravett’s Manga: 60 Years of Japanese Comics. (Link)

For anyone needing a palate cleanser, there’s always the American Library Association’s nominations for Great Graphic Novels for Teens, which includes recent additions like La Perdida, Pyonyang, Mom’s Cancer, American Born Chinese, and Life.