I thought I’d go through Mark Siegel’s latest ICv2 interview and pull out the goodies promised by First Second in 2007:

  • The Professor’s Daughter, written by Joann Sfar and illustrated by Emmanuel Guibert
  • The Tiny Tyrant, by Lewis Trondheim
  • Garage Band, by Gipi
  • The Lost Colony Book 2, by Grady Klein
  • The Black Diamond Detective Agency, by Eddie Campbell
  • Life Sucks, written by Jessica Abel and illustrated by Warren Pleece
  • Laika, by Nick Abadzis
  • Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon
  • Yum.

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    1. John Jakala says:

      I’d made a little mental note to look up all those books and creators later but now I don’t have to! Thanks for assembling these links, David.

      From the looks of things, the quality of First Second’s books certainly won’t be slipping in 2007. I’m especially looking forward to The Professor’s Daughter by Sfar and Guibert, but all the books sound worth checking out.

    2. davidpwelsh says:

      No problem. (And if anyone has a better link for Warren Pleece, please let me know and I’ll add it.)

      Professor’s Daughter probably tops my list as well, though I’m really curious to see a Jessica Abel story illustrated by someone else (though I like her work as an illustrator a lot). And if I can overcome my inability to cope with sad animal stories, Laika sounds fascinating.

    3. Huff says:

      As long as they release a new Eddie Campbell book I’m happy (would have liked to see Paul Pope on there though).

    4. Chris says:

      David! Congrats on the site-move. I guess I missed the announcement. I’ll update my blogroll post-haste.

      I really like the new site, but I LOVE the Food Network personality profiles… Comics and the Food Network occupy roughly 75% of my day, making this the perfect blog for me.

    5. David Welsh says:

      Thanks, Chris! I always suspected there was a crossover audience between the two. Well, aside from me.

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