Long-term horoscopes

December 23, 2006

Ed Chavez at MangaCast cast out a net for people’s licensing wish lists. I’m not much of a follower of scanlations, but there are some creators and individual books that drive me to begging.

I loved, loved, loved Sexy Voice and Robo and would buy just about any of Iou Kuroda’s work. Shaenon Garrity feels the same way, judging by the latest installment of her Overlooked Manga Festival:

Nasu, incidentally, was Kuroda’s previous work, a collection of short stories connected only by the fact that they all involve eggplants. I want Viz to publish it so badly that I hurt all over.”

I’ve wanted to read Marimo Ragawa’s NYNY since I saw a couple of pages from it in Paul Gravett’s Manga book.

Most of the licensed works on the short list of this year’s Angoulême festival look great, but I’d definitely devour Shigeru Mizuki’s Non Non Bâ and Daisuké Igarashi’s Sorcières.

Anything by Moto Hagio would be appreciated, and hey, Otherworld Barbara just wrapped up in 2005.

Paradise Kiss and Nana are on my list of much-loved manga, so I’d be happy to see some of Ai Yazawa’s earlier works in translation, like I’m Not an Angel and Neighborhood Story.

He isn’t Japanese, but I was introduced to his work in Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators, so I’ll take another opportunity to beg for someone to publish some of Fabrice Neaud’s work.

Did anyone ever confirm this license from Iwahara (Chikyu Misaki) Yuji?

Speaking of confirmation, Brigid went right to the source and heard from Fanfare/Ponent Mon that The Building Opposite will be arriving in Spring 2007. F/PM also promises more Jiro Taniguchi (The Ice Wanderer) and Kan Takahama (Awabi) in the near future if I remember my Previews catalogs correctly.

Manga Recon’s Katherine Dacey-Tsuey offers her own lists of exciting titles that are scheduled to arrive, including a lot of books I’m eagerly anticipating. None quite so much as To Terra, especially after seeing Chip Kidd’s cover design, thoughtfully posted by MangaCast’s Jarred Pine.

Of course, more Yotsuba&! would always be gratefully accepted. It’s been so long that it would feel like a new arrival, y’know? And won’t someone rescue poor Bambi from limbo?