Wired, indeed

So I’m doing a quick scan through Yahoo News for anything manga-related, and I find that the folks at Wired are still doing their level best to endear themselves to the comics-reading public. This time around, Eliza Gauger has written a positive review of MBQ (Tokyopop), pausing briefly for some breathtaking displays of cooler-than-though hostility:

“As someone who is entirely sick of anime and the manga style, which come prepackaged with their repugnant followers (white, fat, mousy-haired, wire-framed and lacking in personal hygiene), I was initially iffy on anything that followed the style.”

Don’t worry, though. Someone in the subsequent comments covers it:

“It’s ironic that this is how the non-tech crowd views Wired‘s (and in particular this blog’s) readership.”

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