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January 2, 2007

I offer a largely superfluous look at 2006 in this week’s Flipped.

More useful and interesting is Myk’s comparison of the German and U.S. manga markets, at least in terms of a sampling of titles from Myk’s shelves.

Good reads

January 2, 2007

At MangaBlog, Brigid interviews Kurt Hassler, former most powerful person in manga and current co-exec of Hachette’s upcoming Yen Press line of graphic novels. I like the guiding principle that Yen Press seems to have adopted:

“When we’re dealing with original stuff, maybe we’re developing more of a flavor of our own, but we have a variety of people who are working on the imprint. We want to give everyone a voice. We’re not ruling anything out. The rule is if it’s a good book, we are going to publish it.”

At, Chris Butcher notes that 2006 offered a merry little Christmas for graphic novel retailers:

“Anyway, from my vantage point this was the year that comics may have actually entered the mainstream, at least as far as gift-giving is concerned. It’s been gratifying for me because I’ve really wanted it, but it made for a particularly positive ending to a year during which I invested a lot of myself into the medium.”

And at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon asks readers to look forward to what they want from 2007.