I’ve been doing a lot of Amazon ordering, what with gift certificates and the like, and since I’m always trying to save more money for manga, I try and configure things so that I get the free shipping. Usually that means stuff takes a while as they bundle things to minimize the number of shipments, but this practice has apparently been abandoned during the post-holiday season. I swear I can’t open my in-box without finding a notification that another single volume of something is on its way while they wait to fill the rest of my order. It’s beyond me why, and I’m not thrilled with the quantity of cardboard they’re squandering, but the pacing is strangely pleasing.

As for comics delivered by other means, Thursday’s ComicList seems kind of skimpy at first glance. (That’s fine, honestly, as I’ve been bringing entirely too many comics into the house over the last couple of weeks.)

If I wasn’t behind the curve, I would probably pick up the fourth volume of Keiko Yamada’s VS. (CMX). I flipped through a galley proof and liked it, and Mely has given it the thumbs-up, but I’ve told myself that I need to delve into Oyayubihime Infinity first.

For whatever reason, Nicolas De Crécy’s Glacial Period (NBM) showed up at the local comic shop last week, though it’s listed this week as well. I found it intriguing and delightful.

On the Viz front, there are new volumes of Death Note (Shonen Jump Advanced) and Yakitate Japan! (roaming unbranded and free across the manga prairie). The first volume of Vampire Knight (Shojo Beat) also arrives. When I was in kindergarten, the elementary school offered morning and afternoon sessions. It never even occurred to me that the afternoon group might be filled with vampires. I was so naïve.

And while it isn’t coming out this week, I was happy to see a positive review of Aya (Drawn & Quarterly) in this week’s PWCW, because I’m really looking forward to reading it. All right, D&Q, I surrender. You’ve beaten me down with books like Get a Life and Moomin and Curses. I love you. Are you happy now?

5 Responses to Parcels

  1. Mely says:

    If it will help you maintain your resolution to limit manga spending, I suspect you’d like Oyayubihime Infinity better than Vs. Oyce reviewed the first two volumes of the former here, with a spoilery update on the third here.

  2. Mely says:

    Oh, and I adore Vampire Knight, though you might want to keep in mind that I also adore Godchild. Kindergarten vampires are the evening class, not the afternoon class, but they probably didn’t tell you about that because little kids who hear about the evening class always want to know why *they* can’t stay up that late.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Well, I suspect I would have liked Godchild if the adaptation hadn’t been so blindingly awful, so I’ll certainly give Vampire Knight a browse.

    And clearly your right about the vampire tots. I don’t know what I was thinking. I surely would have noticed them wheeling coffins in at lunchtime if they’d been in the afternoon class.

  4. Myk says:

    If you liked the Mr. Jean book, I think you´d like Aya as well. Although my feelings on it are still split after one reading, on the one hand I felt it lacking… something – I can´t put my finger on it – on the other hand it´s very charming and I know I´ll enjoy re-reading it ever so often. And not to forget, the drawings are quite lovely.

  5. davidpwelsh says:

    Charm goes a long way with me, as do lovely drawings, so I’m pretty sure I’ll like it.

    Oh, and you were right about the conclusion of Anne Freaks. More later.

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