In conclusion…

January 7, 2007

I seem to be going through a cycle where the end is nowhere in sight for most of the manga series I’m reading. There’s the occasional done-in-one story, but generally, conclusions are in fairly short supply.

That isn’t a problem, as most of these stories have plenty of potential plot and character developments still in play. But a little closure never hurts anyone, and a lot of the completed series I’ve read have ended quite beautifully (Paradise Kiss, Antique Bakery, Imadoki!, Chikyu Misaki).

So I was sort of pleased to hear that Anne Freaks (ADV) would be ending with its fourth volume. Much as I’ve enjoyed the series, it hasn’t given off the impression that this particular length would be shorter than necessary. It’s always seemed fairly tight in its narrative aims.

Having read the concluding volume, I think that all still applies. The story is complete in all the ways that matter and are possible, but there’s an element to the conclusion that really threw me.

(Spoilers below the cut.)

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