Eligible (and confirmed) bachelors

January 11, 2007

Loren Javier at One Diverse Comic Book Nation shares the list of eligible comics for this year’s GLAAD award for LGBT portrayals. Obviously, this is a broad overview of all such portrayals, not just the good ones, because if anyone seriously considers giving anything resembling an award for inclusiveness and representation to the sequence described in The Boys, they should have their head examined.

Dirk Deppey proceeds to recoil in horror (scroll down to the Comics Culture of today’s entry at !Journalista¡), and given GLAAD’s focus in previous years, it’s hard not to sympathize. The “visibility” argument that leans things in favor of publishers like Marvel and DC has always struck me as misguided, patting the perceived mainstream on the back for not getting things egregiously wrong rather than honoring books that could be celebrated without reservation.

A good slate of nominees could come from this collection, but I’ve given up hoping that one will come from it.