Wednesday again

January 16, 2007

It’s a short trip through this week’s ComicList, though there are some choice items on offer.

Fantagraphics delivers the fourth issue of the second volume of Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting. The stories are delightful and the characters engaging, though I find myself starting to wonder if the reading experience wouldn’t be more satisfying in a big, collected chunk than in individual floppies.

Netcomics offers the fourth volume of Marley’s Dokebi Bride, one of my favorite series. (Marley will be attending this year’s New York Comic-Con, along with Doha of The Great Casby fame.)

With all of the understandable excitement over To Terra…, it might be easy to forget that Vertical is still releasing beautifully produced paperback versions of Buddha. The fifth volume arrives in comic shops tomorrow.

Shaman Warrior, the other title in Dark Horse’s manhwa line, makes a belated arrival to keep Banya company.

And Tokyopop’s only offering for the week is a re-issue of the second volume of Fruits Basket, which must mean the series is still drawing new readers in addition to the legion who are already enjoying it.

Fruits nuts

January 16, 2007

I should really just add a Fruits Basket category, shouldn’t I?

At Coffee & Ink, Mely has named her favorite ongoing manga series for 2006, and Fruits Basket is among them, along with a bunch of other titles I really enjoy and some I’m going to have to try. Mely offers the usual cornucopia of great observations, but this is probably my favorite:

“You know, every time I read the jacket copy for Fruits Basket I’m amazed at how it manages to sound so bright and cheery and inane, despite being a factually correct description of the plot. And now I see it is just an unavoidable consequence of writing about Fruits Basket.”


In other news, the fifteenth volume of Fruits Basket owns the top slot for manga sales in the Direct Market, and comes close to owning the whole graphic novel category, landing in second place on ICv2’s December chart. (Okay, it isn’t exactly a photo finish, with the considerably more expensive Fables trade moving about 3,000 more units.)

Alternate universes

January 16, 2007

This week’s Flipped is up and running, with reviews of Goong (Ice Kunion) and the galley of To Terra… (Vertical).

To Terra… is crazy gorgeous, even in preview form, so it should be quite spectacular once Vertical puts its customary production touches on it. Christopher Butcher has posted a number of preview pages from the first volume at