It’s here! It’s here!

January 25, 2007

The final Great Graphic Novels for Teens list has been released by the American Library Association’s Young Adult Library Services Association, with eight non-fiction and 59 fiction selections. As YASLA puts it:

“The inaugural committee was dedicated to making a strong list that showcases a wide range of quality materials. The list includes everything from serious non-fiction to high fantasy, romantic manga to superhero parodies.”

Here’s a breakdown of how publishers did in terms of titles and books recognized:

Airship Entertainment: 1 title, 1 book.
AiT/PlanetLar: 1 title, 1 book.
Ballantine Books: 1 title, 1 book.
Café Digital: 1 title, 1 book.
Dark Horse: 2 titles, 2 books.
DC Comics (all imprints): 9 titles, 9 books.
Digital Manga Publishing: 1 title, 3 books.
Drawn and Quarterly: 2 titles, 2 books.
Evil Twin: 1 title, 1 book.
Fantagraphics: 2 titles, 2 books.
First Second: 4 titles, 4 books.
Go! Comi: 1 title, 1 book.
Graphix: 1 title, 1 book.
Harper Collins: 1 title, 1 book.
Ice Kunion: 1 title, 3 books.
Image: 3 titles, 3 books.
Henry Holt: 1 title, 1 book.
Hill and Wang: 1 title, 1 book.
Marvel: 7 titles, 10 books.
NBM: 2 titles, 2 books.
Oni Press: 2 titles, 2 books.
Seven Seas Entertainment: 1 title, 1 book.
Simon and Schuster: 1 title, 1 book.
Tokyopop: 4 titles, 4 books.
Viper Comics: 2 titles, 2 books.
Viz: 3 titles, 6 books.
Watson-Guptill: 1 title, 1 book.

So that’s Marvel with the largest number of books, and DC with the largest number of titles, but the committee certainly shared the wealth among publishers big and small, new and venerable. First Second and Tokyopop tied for third in number of titles with four each, though Viz surpassed both in number of books.

And yes, Identity Crisis did make the list, and made the cut for the Top Ten, so it shows what I know.