I thought Dark Horse was supposed to be continuing its crusade to make me love them this week with new volumes of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and Mail, but it doesn’t look like that’s meant to be. I can wait, because the rest of the manga publishing industry is wooing me with a vengeance this week.

I’ve already read a preview of the second volume of Penguin Revolution (CMX) and found it as solidly funny and adorable as the first, so that’s a lock.

Del Rey delivers the eighth volume of Nodame Cantabile, which always manages to charm me in spite of what I realize is very little in the way of overarching narrative movement. Kitchen Princess offers the twin inducements of cute shôjo and culinary content, and I have very little resistance to either.

Didn’t Go! Comi just release the fifth volumes of their first four series? It feels like they did, but new installments of Cantarella and Tenshi Ja Nai!! are always welcome.

There’s been considerable enthusiasm over at Tokyopop for Wild Adapter, and while you’d expect a publisher to be enthusiastic about its books, this endorsement comes from Lillian Diaz-Przybyl. Books that Diaz-Przybyl really, really likes (like 12 Days and Shout Out Loud) tend to be books I really, really like.

I’m not quite up to volume 17 of Bleach (Viz) yet, so I’ll have to content myself with the fifth volume of Nana, which is more than adequate compensation.

And it’s not manga, but I found Marvel’s Defenders mini-series (by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire) to be really entertaining. I can’t seem to find a page on Marvel’s site for the Indefensible trade paperback, but here’s one for the first issue of the floppy version.

(Quick housekeeping question: Is it useful to throw these posts into the various publisher categories, or is it just kind of irritating to have a laundry list of categories at the top of them? I can’t decide.)

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  2. Mely says:

    As a non-Tokyopop-employee, I thoroughly endorse Wild Adapter! It’s a bloody yakuza thriller with sf and shounen-ai elements.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Yay! Confirmation from an independent source!

  4. SanctumSanctorumComix says:

    The DEFENDERS : INDEFENSIBLE tpb is available with this Previews #

    nov06 2369

    (it might have a new # soon)

    The HARDCOVER can be ordered via:

    jan07 2725
    (it was previously feb06 2067)



  5. Huff says:

    I though Wild Adapter was a very lackluster attempt at creating a compelling crime manga, but it’s BL and from the author of Saiyuki, so it kind of has that built-in audience of rabid fangirls. Even if your into those it doesn’t live up to the high standard of the great shojo/yaoi crime-epic Banana Fish, which I would definitally recommend to men or women. Then again, I usually like my crime manga over-the-top and chauvinistic (and of course drawn by Ryoichi Ikegami) so what would I know?
    But I think I’m finally going to check out Penguin Revolution in light of how much CMX has been rocking lately.

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