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It’s time again for a trawl through the current edition of Previews. There’s lots of interesting new stuff, but there are also new versions of excellent comics that have been published previously and re-lists of some great books.

The first in DC’s Minx line of books, The Plain Janes, rolls out in this edition, and DC provides some preview pages that look nice. It’s interesting to see how much effort DC is devoting to getting these books in comics specialty shops, but I sure hope there are concurrent efforts in the kind of outlets where the target audience actually shops.

On the CMX front, there are a few attractive preview pages of Tomomi Yamashita’s Apothecarius Argentum, another period poison piece. But will it be completely insane?

The solicitation for 801’s Affair by Shiuko Kano catches my eye with phrases like “real adult relationships.” It’s also a collection of shorts, which is one of my weaknesses.

I’ve already enjoyed David Petersen’s terrific Mouse Guard (Archaia) in floppies, but I’m glad to see that the publisher hasn’t wasted any time in putting out what will surely be an attractive hardcover collection.

The manga-with-princess-in-the-title wars rage on as Del Rey debuts Yasunari Mitsunaga’s Princess Resurrection. The tiara and the chainsaw balance each other out rather nicely, don’t they?

Also from Del Rey is the first volume Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte, which has generated considerable anticipation. It’s one of their “older readers” books at the $12.95 price point.

Drawn & Quarterly re-lists the first volume of Moomin: The Complete Tove Jannson Comic Strip for anyone who may have missed it. I’m crazy about this book and will mention it at any opportunity.

The story described in the solicitation for Gipi’s Garage Band doesn’t immediately grab me, but First Second has demonstrated impeccable taste in the books they choose to publish, and I’ve been wanting to sample Gipi’s work.

I like the idea of the multi-generational story described in the blurb for Morim Kang’s 10, 20 and 30 from Netcomics. I’ll have to swing by the publisher’s site and sample a few chapters when they become available.

Oni focuses on new versions of already-published material, collecting Scott Chantler’s terrific Northwest Passage in an omnibus edition and delivering a “Definitive Edition” of Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber’s bottom-of-the-world thriller Whiteout. They also re-list a bunch of great books from their catalog, so if you’ve missed stuff like Past Lies, Capote in Kansas, or Banana Sunday, now’s your chance.

New from Oni is James Vining’s First in Space, a 2006 Xeric Grant recipient, telling the tale of “a chimpanzee Americans trained for the first sub-orbital spaceflight.” I’m intrigued, but my “sad animal story” radar is pinging.

Say what you will about the prospect of OEL from Avril Lavigne. It’s bound to be The Rose of Versailles compared to the Bratz Cine-Manga (Tokyopop).

Tokyopop’s Blu imprint delivers more Fumi Yoshinaga in the form of Lovers in the Night. How many of her titles are left to license? It’s like we’re in the middle of a Yoshinagalanche. That’s not a bad thing, obviously. I didn’t like the opening gambit of Gerard and Jacques, but the series of explosions in the second volume was one of the funniest pieces of cartooning I’ve seen all year.

Top Shelf delivers a new volume of Andy Runton’s Owly, A Time to Be Brave, which would be generosity enough for one month. But after taking a look at the preview pages for Christian Slade’s Korgi (via Blog@Newsarama), I realize that they’re determined to spoil me.

6 Responses to Previews review

  1. JennyN says:

    I don’t know how many Yoshinaga titles are left in total, but for the sake of devotees who don’t read Japanese or French, I hope someone translates ALL MY DARLING DAUGHTERS SOON. It’s a one-shot, essentially short stories linked through the lives of a young couple in modern Tokyo. Very much in the vein of ANTIQUE BAKERY, with gentle or sub-acid humour highlighting moments of perception or melancholy. Personally I hope it’s picked up by DMP or Del Rey rather than Tokyopop, since this one deserves the best in the way of translation and editing, and Tokyopop, alas, too often doesn’t deliver in those areas.

  2. JennyN says:

    Sorry – the title is simply ALL MY DARLING DAUGHTERS.

    Darn caps lock…

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Shorts? By Yoshinaga? In the vein of Antique Bakery?

    Must. Have. NOW.

  4. Jarred says:

    Tiaras & Chainsaws, the mind-bending sequel to Bikini Girls & Machine Guns!! 😀

  5. davidpwelsh says:

    Now you’ve got “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” running through my head.

  6. Huff says:

    Shit, I still have to pick up the last two issues of Mouse Guard. I am tempted to pick up the hardcover because of the art, but there are already a couple must-buy artbooks coming out around that time (Akira and Bone are “Must Haves” for me).
    But everyone should definitally check out Parasyte. Great title that unfortunatally seemed doomed to the pre-boom obscurity that so many older titles suffer from until Del Rey picked it up. Hopefully it sells well and they’ll think about releasing the author’s Histore, which has been generating a ridiculous amount of hype amoung Afternoon readers.

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