In the city-state

What manga titles are flying off the shelves in Singapore? The Straits Times apparently ran a big package of articles in Sunday’s edition, and one of the sidebars listed the top five shônen and shôjo titles:


1. Death Note (Viz)
2. Bleach (Viz)
3. One Piece (Viz)
4. Naruto (Viz)
5. xxxHOLiC (Del Rey)


1. Nana (Viz)
2. Nodame Cantabile (Del Rey)
3. Hana-Kimi (Viz)
4. Vampire Knight (Chuang Yi)
5. Peach Fuzz (Tokyopop)

It’s not entirely clear how the lists were derived, but I suspect the figures might have come from the Books Kinokuniya.

(I found this via LexisNexis and can’t find the article on the paper’s site, so I can’t provide a direct link.)

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