Sex, politics and religion

Not necessarily in that order.


ICv2 weighs in on those anime-styled DC heroine figurines:

“DC Direct’s attempt to create something akin to the sexy anime/manga figures so common in Japan has already stirred up some controversy and is likely to run further afoul of the puritanical streak in the American character. It should be interesting to see how far down the ‘fan service’ road DC Direct or other American companies will go — how long will it take before there is an American superheroine action figure with squeeze-able silicon breasts or panty-shot purveying mirrored bases (see ‘Yamato’s Ikki Tousen: Battle Sonsaku’)?”


I was hoping that if I waited long enough, someone would write a review of Kevin Huizenga’s marvelous Curses (Drawn & Quarterly) that I could just point to and claim, “I was just about to say exactly the same thing!” Procrastination pays, thanks to Dirk Deppey.


It’s not that this week’s ComicList is especially boring. It’s just that I’m feeling exceptionally lazy and disappointed. Television has been promising me apocalyptic levels of snowfall for half a week, and while I knew in some small corner of my mind that I would be disappointed, I still expended most of my anticipatory energy on the prospect of a blizzard that never was.

Okay, I am a little excited about the prospect of more tawdry Borgia action from Heavy Metal, because it was like an uncensored Renaissance version of Dynasty. Jog explains it better than I can.


At Blog@Newsarama, Graeme McMillan wonders if Serenity really sells all that well. It’s never shown up in the BookScan charts to my knowledge, but I’ve never been entirely clear on how those are assembled to begin with. Do they factor in sales in Christian bookstores and other specialty shops of that nature? It’s possible that RealBuzz has moved a whole pile of inspirational manga through those venues.


And just to cleanse the palate, Simon (NSFW) Jones thoughtfully filters out the ero-manga offerings in the March edition of Previews Adult. Equal time, people.

2 Responses to Sex, politics and religion

  1. Lyle says:

    “puritanical streak”? Hoo boy.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    I think they’re kind of hideous, personally, but the fact of them actually makes me kind of hopeful. If DC is willing to repurpose their icons for a different, older audience, maybe that (and Jeff Smith’s Shazam book) suggests a concurrent willingness to repurpose them for a younger audience too. Hell, hold everyone upside-down and shake them until the change falls out.

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