Skating by

Okay, the terror of freezing rain followed by sleet followed by snow has renewed my interest in this week’s comics, perhaps because weather might keep them from arriving. I’m fickle and, though it seems contradictory, a creature of habit. Sue me.

Praise from virtually all quarters has rendered the Nextwave: Agents of Hate trade paperback (Marvel) irresistible. I surrender.

The week basically belongs to Viz, though, with new volumes of The Drifting Classroom, Monster, Train Man: Densha Otoko, and the debut of Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs, for anyone who’s still riding a cute-dog buzz from Westminster. (I can’t believe there isn’t a show-dog name generator somewhere out there on the web.)

And while Del Rey doesn’t have any releases on the schedule, there’s a sprightly round of recommendations in comments on this MangaBlog entry. It was the final kick in the pants I needed to order a copy of Mushishi.

7 Responses to Skating by

  1. Huff says:

    Didn’t the HC for Nextwave just come out a couple of months ago? Can’t complain about them pushing the trade now that the series is wrapping up though. It, like almost everything else Warren Ellis has touched over the past year or so, is awesome.
    But what’s with Viz dropping all the Signature titles on the same day? Monster I usually wait for a couple of weeks, but Drifting Classroom and Vagabond are too addictive to put off…

  2. Jog says:

    I didn’t get any comics today 😦

    I’m not sure if the VIZ Signature stuff will be in all stores… none of them were on Diamond’s official list for the week, but I know things have a way of showing up unannounced. For a while, Drifting Classroom, Monster, and Golgo 13 would all come out on the same day…

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    I was wondering the same thing, Huff. I’d asked the local shop owner about trades not too long ago, and he’d said the hardcover had just come out, so I’d expected more of a wait for the paperback.

    Jog, the Signature stuff didn’t show up in my neck of the woods either. Curse you, ComicList, for getting my hopes up! After last volume’s Joan Crawford-a-thon with Tenma’s ex, I’d gotten my hopes up.

  4. Huff says:

    Oh shit, To Terra. Didn’t think that was coming out until next week; anyone else get it?

  5. davidpwelsh says:

    I think it is coming out next week. It’s not on Wednesday’s ComicList.

  6. ChunHyang72 says:

    Actually, several of the titles you list were available at the comic book store yesterday (2/16). I picked up volume 1 of To Terra and volume 7 of Monster, and saw the latest Vagabond on the shelf as well. (The official release date for Terra is 2/20, according to and the Vertical blog.) Christopher Butcher is listing volume 4 of The Drifting Classroom among the titles shipping on 2/21. Or maybe that should read CHRISTOPHER BUTCHER SAYS DRIFTING CLASSROOM VOL. 4 SHIPS ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

    BTW, some of these titles are already available through amazon, although they’re listing publication dates of 2/20.

  7. davidpwelsh says:

    I don’t even know why I get worked up about what’s released when. It’s probably a holdover from my old floppy habbit. I got no Signature love this week, though I did get a preview copy of The Drifting Classroom from Viz, and OH, GOD, THE MADNESS, THE VIOLENCE, THE SHOUTING! UNQUALIFIED, EMPTY-CALORIE LOVE!

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