Weekend update

March 4, 2007

Barnes & Noble was mobbed yesterday, which I found strangely reassuring. I don’t like wading through crowds to get to the cash register, but I do like to see people buying books, and they were buying lots of them. There were no children sprawled on the floor in the manga section; they were all clustered over in the game guides.

And those new collections of the Love & Rockets stories were there, and they are indeed quite handsome and a crazy value at $14.95. I went with Heartbreak Soup to start. I thought about getting both, but To Terra… beckoned.

We watched For Your Consideration yesterday. I always like Christopher Guest’s movies, and this one was no exception, but I’m glad we waited for it to come out on DVD instead of seeing it in a movie theatre. It just didn’t seem up to the standard of the others. The only really uproarious parts came from Jane Lynch playing, as near as I could figure, the reanimated corpse of Mary Hart. She was awesome.

And I’ve really got to break the habit of finding an author I really like and obsessively reading everything they’ve written to date. I should pace myself, or I’ll quickly run out of Nevada Barr novels to read. But they’re grisly mysteries set in national parks with a surly but likable woman of a certain age as protagonist! How can I resist? Ill Wind has the unfortunate side effect of making me want to be in the Southwest a whole lot.