Weekend update

Barnes & Noble was mobbed yesterday, which I found strangely reassuring. I don’t like wading through crowds to get to the cash register, but I do like to see people buying books, and they were buying lots of them. There were no children sprawled on the floor in the manga section; they were all clustered over in the game guides.

And those new collections of the Love & Rockets stories were there, and they are indeed quite handsome and a crazy value at $14.95. I went with Heartbreak Soup to start. I thought about getting both, but To Terra… beckoned.

We watched For Your Consideration yesterday. I always like Christopher Guest’s movies, and this one was no exception, but I’m glad we waited for it to come out on DVD instead of seeing it in a movie theatre. It just didn’t seem up to the standard of the others. The only really uproarious parts came from Jane Lynch playing, as near as I could figure, the reanimated corpse of Mary Hart. She was awesome.

And I’ve really got to break the habit of finding an author I really like and obsessively reading everything they’ve written to date. I should pace myself, or I’ll quickly run out of Nevada Barr novels to read. But they’re grisly mysteries set in national parks with a surly but likable woman of a certain age as protagonist! How can I resist? Ill Wind has the unfortunate side effect of making me want to be in the Southwest a whole lot.

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  1. JennyN says:

    Looking forward to your take on TO TERRA, David, when you get round to reading the whole thing. I’m very much taken by the combination of smooth plotting and complex characterisation, supported by one of the best US translations I’ve read since… oh, the last Del Rey production. I was disappointed, though, that Vertical didn’t follow Del Rey in adding an introduction or endnotes. Not that the story itself – since it creates its own futuristic world – really needs them. However, this is the first commercial publication in English of one of the “Magnificent Forty-Niners” shojo manga-ka (apart from the now hard-to-find collection of Moto Hagio short stories put out by Viz in the 1990s), and it would have been great to have an articel by someone of the stature of, say, Matt Thorn, discussing the significance of their work and the resonances of this story in particular – apparently Takemiya based it on the radical Japanese youth movements of the 1960s. Or even a translation of one of Takemiya’s own interviews or essays: quite a few were published in her artbooks of the period (now collector’s items). Still, maybe in Vol. 3?

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    I’ve loved what I’ve read so far – roughly half of the first volume. And I’m always pro-extras and have been known to salivate with jealousy at some of the perks French publishers give to their readers. (Was it you who taunted me with tales of the bonuses available in one of the baking manga? I think it was.)

    So I’ll join you in keeping my fingers crossed that an essay or two makes it into To Terra… before all is said and done.

  3. […] what you might call plot beats, so I found To Terra… to be a fairly brisk read. I do agree with JennyN that the book could really benefit from some text pieces on Takemiya and her pioneering peers in […]

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