Monday linkblogging

Congratulations to Brigid on the second anniversary of MangaBlog, which is just essential reading for the mangaholic.

One of her recent finds was this excellent article on yaoi in the Patriot-News by Blog@Newsarama‘s Chris Mautner. Tina Anderson is right; it’s a keeper.

And it’s Monday, so there’s another Flipped in the can. (Does it count as linkblogging if it’s to yourself?)

2 Responses to Monday linkblogging

  1. Thanks for the compliments David. Glad you liked the article. I hope to get it up on my own blog next week, along with some sidebars that ended up getting dumped at the last minute.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    No problem, Chris. Can’t wait to see the sidebars!

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