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Marshall Public Library director Amy Crump was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about last night’s Board of Trustees meeting via e-mail:

“Yes, the Marshall Public Library Board of Trustees adopted the new Materials Selection Policy last night. As stated in October, they then re-examined the books Fun Home and Blankets in light of the new policy, in order to decide what action should be taken.

“Fun Home had been shelved with the adult biographies and will be returned to that spot. Blankets had been shelved with Young Adult materials and will be moved to the adult general fiction.

“The Marshall Public Library does not have a special section for graphic novels. They are shelved in the appropriate area (fiction, non-fiction).

“I just want to say that I am so pleased with all the Board’s hard work on this policy. They have written a policy that will enable the Marshall Public Library to continue to add quality literature to the collection for the foreseeable future.”

The contested books are back on the shelves, and the library has a policy in place that will help them respond to these kind of issues in the future. Everybody wins!

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