March 21, 2007

The things you find on Yahoo News.

Nissan uses manga to sell really, really cute cars:

“The pamphlet is manga-style, like a Japanese comic book, depicting the story of three young well-dressed women going shopping together, manicuring their nails to match the star-patterns on Pino seats, using aromatherapy oils in the car.”

Next up, a dealership staffed entirely by bishônen.

Avril Lavigne leads digital comic revolution:

“She also has a manga comic called ‘Make 5 Wishes,’ which will be available if you buy her album through iTunes, or you can wait for it as a series via cell phone.”

No, seriously, read that. She’s using manga to induce people to download her music legally, and she’s catering to cell-phone culture. Okay, so Lavigne likely isn’t the mastermind behind these moves, but damn.

Business Week differentiates Cartoon, Anime networks:

“‘We have more blood splatter,’ says Ledford, noting that his networks fans tend to be avid PlayStation 3 and Wii video game players as well.”


March 21, 2007

At Blog@Newsarama, Kevin Melrose links to a piece from The Guardian’s arts blog that wonders if readers will be able to navigate British references in Andy Watson and Josh Howard’s Clubbing from DC’s Minx line.

If only there was some evidence that kids won’t be put off by specific references to a different culture when they pick up comics.